Academic edition the solution for Academic-led or University presses

A unique platform for academic publishing

Booksflow academic edition is a new integrated system to manage the workflow of books and journals in a Academic-led or a University Press. In addiction to the core's functionalities, it supoports these areas:
Proposal - Authors can submit their proposals (books or articles);
Evaluation - Editors can evaluate the proposal, assign the reviewers
Peer review - Reviewers can accept or decline, and perform review. The scientific evaluation process is managed inside the platform and tracked in it.
Production - If the proposal is accepted, it starts the production workflow: the production manager creates the Bill of Matter to publish the object (book or article) and schedules phases assigning due-dates
Publication - The object is published in the catalogue, in all formats available, enriched by metadata.
Promotion - DOI management and metadata for sharing upon the web and aggregators
Toll and Open Access - it supports all business models (APC, membership, subscriptions...)

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